Miller's Select Special White Crab Meat - 1/2 Case


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1/2 Case contains 6, 6.5 oz.  Cans

  • Ideal for recipes that call for flaked crab meat.
  • The top choice for appetizers, party dips or a quick and healthy light meal.
  • Shell free and ready to use.
  • 100% wild blue crab, responsibly harvested from pristine waters by local fisherman.
  • Hand picked and packed to assure highest quality.


review posted by Richard Dwyer on 09-19-2017
best ever. Purchased in MI @ D&W Fresh Market. Been in OH for 7 years and unable to locate in Cincinnati area. Happy to locate it on line. Saves a lot of driving 6 hrs ea way.
review posted by Lance Kiland on 01-30-2014
This is excellent crab meat - it's wonderful.
review posted by Damon Newcomb on 07-13-2013
I buy nothing else... ever! This is the best.
review posted by Barbara Mitchell on 11-13-2009
This crabmeat is the best tasting canned meat. I love it.
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