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“Miller’s Select” and "Sea Fare" brand Crab Meat got its start in 1964 when Bill Miller left his native Kansas City for Thailand and once there discovered an abundance of sweet and succulent crabs. Bill began to perfect canning techniques of a "shelf stable, pasteurized” product that would safeguard the delicious fresh flavor of the crab. As Bill’s friends and neighbors received samples, it wasn’t long before word got out.  Clearly there was a strong demand for his delicious crab meat. 


Bill’s family joined him in 1970 and the idea of a family enterprise became reality. He established the cannery in (southern Thailand) nearby the ocean. Eventually all of Bill’s children and Thai step daughter, joined the company. Several years ago a third generation Miller, brought her talent to the business.  Their educational backgrounds include engineering, physics, oceanography and environmental science. Despite this wide range of perspectives, they share a deep respect for scientific process, sustainability and a strong determination to provide the finest crab meat available—anywhere. 


It’s also a family affair for the Thai fishermen and cannery staff who have worked with the Millers for years. Children are taught by their parents or grandparents to learn sustainable crabbing techniques and the importance of returning undersize crabs to their habitat. Any crab with a carapace width less than the Virginia minimum of  10 centimeters  or those with eggs ( berries) released unharmed.  Our pickers combine years of experience and meticulous care to yield the largest possible pieces of crab with virtually no shell pieces.

Small cans are another part of the equation, as sterilizing heat is able to penetrate to the center more quickly. The shorter process time means there is less disruption at the cellular level, resulting in the natural flavor of fresh crab. The use of bleaches, whiteners and artificial flavor enhancers is unnecessary and therefore strictly avoided. Proper pH balance is achieved with citric acid. 


Since 1964, the Miller formula has proven itself.  Consistent excellence and  word-of-mouth have attracted highly discriminating customers, from award winning chefs to successful caterers and crabcake makers. Long served in some of America’s finest restaurants, “Miller’s Select” and “Sea Fare” brand Crab Meat are now available in the fresh seafood and grocery department of select retail markets.

Christina Miller


As part of her retirement strategy, the remaining Miller - Christina Miller, owner of Sea Fare Foods Corp, sold the brand to another family and woman owned business Sea Fare Foods, owner Colleen Kangas, in June 2015.   Christina will remain a consultant through 2020.




Colleen Kangas

President Sea Fare Foods