Miller's Select Jumbo Lump Crab Meat - 1 Case


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1 Case contains 12, 6.5 oz. Cans

  • Renowned for superb flavor and visual appeal.
  • Shell free and ready to use.
  • Large whole pieces of backfin lump crab meat make it easy to create distinctive entrees and sensational salads.
  • 100% wild blue crab, responsibly harvested from pristine waters by local fisherman.
  • Hand picked and packed to assure highest quality.
review posted by Veronica on 10-10-2016
This is great, reliable crab meat. Do not waste your money on cheaper brands.
review posted by Katherine on 08-30-2016
My 90 year old Grandmother who grew up eating fresh seafood in Southampton was never happy with any crab meat since she had moved away in her 20s. She would always complain so I starting searching for years to find her some she liked. Tried everywhere you can imagine but she was never happy until I discovered Miller's Select Jumbo Crab meat a little over five years ago and We have been purchasing by the case ever since! Worth every penny and thank you for making her happy again! It is the little things in life!
review posted by Brad Johnson on 02-09-2012
I've compared this to other crabmeats on the market, and this doesn't have all of the preservatives like the competitors do. Very rich tasting, real crabmeat.
review posted by Charlie on 12-28-2009
Outstanding Quality Crab meat!!!
review posted by Tony Grello on 12-09-2009
This is one of the best products I have ever used. It is restaurant-quality every time. The large, fresh lumps look exactly like the picture and taste even better.
review posted by PENORDES BROWN on 04-06-2012
review posted by Anne Maxfield on 10-18-2011
This is beautiful crab meat! Big hunks of shell-free, delicious meat. Great flavor!
review posted by Jo on 04-01-2010
I have been buying by the case for 3 years BAR NONE the higest quaility crab anywhere! Large lumps makes a great Crab Tini (martini glass so cute & fun)
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