Miller's Select Claw Crab Meat - 1/2 Case


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1/2 Case contains 6, 6.5 oz.  Cans

  • Includes large, whole pieces.  The robust flavor of Clas crabmeat stands up to bold seasonings for great dips and appetizers.
  • Shell free and ready to use.
  • 100% wild blue crab, responsibly harvested from pristine waters by local fisherman.
  • Hand picked and packed to assure highest quality.
review posted by Jill Room on 01-23-2016
This is the best crabmeat I have ever tasted. Never any shells and consistently superior to any other brand you will try. Save your taste buds and don't bother trying any other brand because this is delicious.
review posted by Steve ub Naryland on 11-20-2013
Best we have found anywhere. Use it for dip recipes. Fabulous. Tried other types, not satisfied with them.
review posted by Tom Costello on 11-08-2008
The claw crab meat is excellent. It has great flavor and is tastier than the lump crab meat which is more bland. I often eat it right from the can and sprinkle old bay seasoning on it.
review posted by Margaret Mullen on 04-17-2011
I have one can left from a 12 pack so it's time to order more. This claw crab meat is of excellent quality and taste. I especially appreciate the fact that I rarely find any cartilage or shell in this product. If you need good quality claw crab meat, this is the product to buy!
review posted by Joan Bolger on 03-13-2014
The claw crab meat is always excellent and flavorful, never salty or grainy. In the 15 years I've been buying your brand, I might have found a piece of shell 3 or 4 times... in 15 years. I always use your SeaFare brand for dips and spreads, crab cakes or casseroles, since I never have to worry about cleaning it. Only problem - our stores no longer carry either SeaFare or Miller's. HELP! I only have 4 cans left.
review posted by Anne McEwen on 11-09-2009
This is absolutely the best crab meat I have ever had! I have no reservations in recommending it.
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