We Are Committed to Good Food and a Healthy Planet

SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES. We work with local fishermen to continue traditional fishing techniques that maintain stocks of the blue swimming crab (portunus pelagicus). Since 1973, our cannery required fishermen to harvest crabs with a carapace measurement of at least 10 cm. Crab fisheries in Indonesia and the Philippines are only now beginning to establish minimum size requirements, with a ‘recommended’ carapace minimum of 8 cm. To tell the difference you need only compare the size of our whole chunk grades -- Jumbo Lump and Claw crabmeat, with other canned or pasteurized crabmeat.With the awareness that the seas do not offer an endless supply of any seafood, we have held our production steady since the mid 1970s. All of our fishermen are shore-based, with none of the catch coming from large-scale factory processing ships. Both nets and traps are used to catch the blue swimming crab. Nets must have a 10 cm minimum mesh size, allowing undersized juveniles escape. Fishermen are trained to release smaller crabs from traps unharmed. As a result we have been able to maintain production levels for over 35 years.

SAFE ADDITIVES -- MINIMAL QUANTITIES. Our philosophy has always been that less is more when it comes to additives. Our brine solution contains sea salt and citric acid for freshness. We add disodium phosphate to prevent the formation of harmless struvite crystals that sometimes form in canned crab and other seafood; and to prevent blue discoloration, a natural result of oxidation of copper ions in the crab’s circulatory system.  We find disodium phosphate to be the safest, most effective, and least disruptive to the natural fresh flavor of crab meat. According to the US FDA, disodium phosphate is Generally Regarded ASafe. The ‘GRAS’ designation applies to time-tested and trusted ingredients with a proven track record for safety. 

OUR COMMITMENT. Our family is committed to the responsible harvest of wild seafood and respect for natural ecosystems. We stand firmly behind our pledge of superior quality, peak freshness, and state-of-the-art packaging.